Nikolay DOSTAL
Nikolaï DOSTAL
Russia, 1997, 100mn 
Politseyskie i vory
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Полицейские и воры


 The Policemen and the Thieves

 Policiers et voleurs

Directed by : Nikolay DOSTAL (Николай ДОСТАЛЬ)
Writing credits : Nikolay DOSTAL (Николай ДОСТАЛЬ)
Companies : Mosfilm
Film revenue in Russia : 0.0350 million dollars
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
A remake of the famous Italian movie shot in 1951. The policeman catches and the thief escapes. When a charming rogue was trying to sell faked archaeological treasures to a naive foreigner he did not know what he was doing. The oversea guest turned out to be a director of a local Russian-American macaroni plant. The outraged American orders his guard to find the thief. The new-sprung detective tries to get into confidence of his sacrifice’s family. The thief and policeman families become the best friends.
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1998