USSR, 1979, 142mn 
Colour, TV fiction
Tot samyy Munkhhauzen
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Тот самый Мюнхгаузен


 That Munchhausen

 Ce même Munchhausen

Other titles : The Very Munchhausen
Directed by : Mark ZAKHAROV (Марк ЗАХАРОВ)
Writing credits : Grigori GORIN (Григорий ГОРИН)
Oleg YANKOVSKY (Олег ЯНКОВСКИЙ) ...the baron
Inna CHURIKOVA (Инна ЧУРИКОВА) ...the baron's wife
Yelena KORENEVA (Елена КОРЕНЕВА) ...Marta
Igor KVASHA (Игорь КВАША) ...burgomaster
Aleksandr ABDULOV (Александр АБДУЛОВ) ...Henrich Rampkopf
Leonid YARMOLNIK (Леонид ЯРМОЛЬНИК) ...Theophile
Cinematography : Vladimir NAKHABTSEV (Владимир НАХАБЦЕВ)
Production design : Georgi KOLGANOV (Георгий КОЛГАНОВ)
Music : Aleksey RYBNIKOV (Алексей РЫБНИКОВ)
Companies : Mosfilm
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Plot synopsis
Based on the story «Baron Munchausen» by E. Raspe. Baron Munchausen can not be satisfied with ordinary boring existance. He is trying to turn the workdays into bright holidays. His wife and son left him, only his beloved Martha understands him. But divorsing his wife and engagement with Martha are possible only after his turning to an ordinary citizen. So, he is a fed-up salesman and a calm family man. He is not interesting either to Martha, or servant Thomas, or himself. So he decided "to revive". But to prove that he is the real Baron Munchausen he decided to fly to the Moon from a gun. And he is going to do it.
Source :

RUSSIA BEYOND : Dix chefs-d’œuvre d'adaptation cinématographique russo-soviétiques inspirés de romans européens, Boris EGOROV, RUSSIA BEYOND, 2019

Selected in the following festivals :
- Nantes Russian Film Festival, Nantes (France), 2018
- Festival de cinéma comique soviétique "Film, film, film", Besançon (France), 2012