USSR, 1987, 107mn 
Colour, fiction
Kholodnyy mart
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Холодный март


 The Cold Month of March

 Mars froid

Directed by : Igor MINAIEV (Игорь МИНАЕВ)
Writing credits : Aleksandr GOROKHOV (Александр ГОРОХОВ)
Andrey TOLUBEYEV (Андрей ТОЛУБЕЕВ) ...Shilenko, Director of the school
Lyudmila DAVYDOVA (Людмила ДАВЫДОВА)
Nikolay TOKAR (Николай ТОКАРЬ)
Cinematography : Vladimir PANKOV (Владимир ПАНКОВ)
Production design : Anatoli NAUMOV (Анатолий НАУМОВ)
Music : Anatoli DERGACHEV (Анатолий ДЕРГАЧЕВ)
Companies : Odessa Film Studios

Awards :
Meilleure réalisation, festival national de cinéma,URSS, 1988

Plot synopsis
The subject of Cold March is very simple : an adolescent arrives in a small provincial town to study at a technical school. The general atmosphere is somewhat turbulent. Events follow one another, as day follows day. Time flows by. Out of ordinary gestures fate raises its head. And it is only these exceptional occurences that force the characters to stop in the midst of their daily turbulence and to face the fact that life moves on further each day. What we have won is sometimes seen to be very inferior to what we have lost. Is there then a meaning in this unrelenting movement? Life follows its course. And we can only live it. Is that, perhaps, optimism?
Igor Minaiev

Selected in the following festivals :
- Odessa International Film Festival, Odessa (Ukraine), 2017
- Retrospective Russian cinema at the "Reflet Médicis", Paris (France), 2009
- Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France), 1988


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