Nikolay_2 DOSTAL
Николай_2 ДОСТАЛЬ
Nikolaï_2 DOSTAL
USSR, 1958, 102mn 
Black and white
Delo 'Pyostrykh'
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Дело 'Пестрых'


 The Variegateds Case

 Affaire des 'Bariolés'

Directed by : Nikolay_2 DOSTAL (Николай_2 ДОСТАЛЬ)
Companies : Mosfilm
Spectators : 33,7 million spectators in the USSR
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Plot synopsis
The film is based on the story of the same name by A. Adamov. On recommendation of the Communist Party local committee discharged officer Sergey Korshunov contrary to his beloved girl wish goes to work to the criminal investigation department. After several failures he eventually manages to investigate complicated crimes committed by "the Variegated" gang and make up with his bride.
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