USSR, 1980, 85mn 
Colour, fiction
Komedya davno minuvshikh dney
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Комедия давно минувших дней


 Komedya davno minuvshikh dney

 La Comédie des jours anciens

Directed by : Yuri KUSHNEREV (Юрий КУШНЕРЕВ)
Writing credits : Yakov KOSTYUKOVSKI (Яков КОСТЮКОВСКИЙ)
Sound : Semyon LITVINOV (Семён ЛИТВИНОВ)
Companies : Mosfilm
Spectators : 15 millions of spectators
Release Date in Russia : 29/12/1980
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Plot synopsis
The crooks Byvaly and Trus, known to all Soviets from Leonid Gaidai's early comedies, learn from an old woman that a treasure of one million gold coins has been hidden by her husband in an unknown seaside town where comedies from the silent movie era were shot. Having received a photograph of the house, the crooks began their research in the archives of film studios ...