Vladimir MIRZOEV
Владимир МИРЗОЕВ
Vladimir MIRZOEV
Russia, 2006, 123mn 
Colour, fiction
Znaki lyubvi
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Знаки любви


 Love Sign

 Signes d'amour

Directed by : Vladimir MIRZOEV (Владимир МИРЗОЕВ)
Writing credits : Vladimir MIRZOEV (Владимир МИРЗОЕВ)
Production design : Yekaterina ZALETAEVA (Екатерина ЗАЛЕТАЕВА)
Companies : "Endemol Москва", "MS Film Group"
Film revenue in Russia : 0.673 million dollars
Release Date in Russia : 01/03/2006
Site : Page IMDb

Plot synopsis
In the dead of night on the outskirts of Moscow there are three sorcerers. They have long been forced to work against each other. The conflict, in which the best witchcraft forces of the capital are involved, is a banal love triangle. Alexei is an enviable man and makes good money, his wife Masha, a notorious and insecure young woman, has long lived only in the interests of the family, and her lover Irina will not stop at nothing in order to take her place.