Nikolay DOSTAL
Nikolaï DOSTAL
Russia, 2004  
Colour, fiction, TV serial
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 Le Bataillon disciplinaire

Directed by : Nikolay DOSTAL (Николай ДОСТАЛЬ)
Daria MOROZ (Дарья МОРОЗ)

Plot synopsis
Nikolai Dostal'’s critically acclaimed 11-part television serial Penal Battalion redefines Russia’s last Soviet myth—the heroic myth of the Great Patriotic War. While challenging some received truths about the cost of the victory and soldiers’ motivation to fight for the Soviet fatherland, the serial never questions the war’s mythological status in Russians’ popular consciousness. The myth of the great victory is the last myth that unifies Russia as a community. To the question, for what kind of a community did Russians fight, the serial gives an answer that many contemporary Russians believe to be the truth about the war. For the filmmaker and his scriptwriter, Eduard Volodarskii, Russians fought and suffered for the Russian Orthodox spiritual community.[...]
Alexander Prokhorov,

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