Джонни О'РЕЙЛИ
Russia / Germany, 2010, 92mn 
Colour, fiction
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 The Weather Station

 La Bonne météo

Other titles : Хорошая погода / Fine Weather
Directed by : Johnny O'REILLY (Джонни О'РЕЙЛИ)
Writing credits : Aleksey KOLMOGOROV (Алексей КОЛМОГОРОВ)
Sergey GARMASH (Сергей ГАРМАШ) ...Drozdov
Aleksey GUSKOV (Алексей ГУСЬКОВ) ...Andrei
Pyotr LOGATSHEV (Пётр ЛОГАЧЕВ) ...Romach
Anton SHAGIN (Антон ШАГИН) ...Slava
Cinematography : Aleksandr SIMONOV (Александр СИМОНОВ)
Production design : Vladimir NAMESTIKOV (Владимир НАМЕСТИКОВ)
Produced by : Vladislav RYASHIN (Владислав РЯШИН), Sergey SELIANOV (Сергей СЕЛЬЯНОВ), Anton ZLATOPOLSKY (Антон ЗЛАТОПОЛЬСКИЙ)
Companies : CTB, STAR MEDIA, Chaîne TV Rossiya
Film revenue in Russia : 0.1012 million dollars
format : 35 mm
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Plot synopsis
Set on a snowbound mountain top in a far corner of Russia, Irish director Johnny O’Reilly’s new film The Weather Station is a cracking psychological thriller. Inhabited only by two ageing meteorologists and a young teenage cook, three men share the remote outpost with swirling snowstorms and an elusive yeti. When a mysterious couple arrives to explore the caves in the area, their presence brings the underlying tensions to the surface. When the wife (Aleksandrova) returns alone and injured, she reveals that she killed her husband in self defence. Her confession fractures the uneasy balance between the men and sets up each of them against each other. With its gleaming photography and the clever shifts in time, there are echoes of Kubrick’s The Shining, but working with a Russian cast and crew, O’Reilly has fashioned an impressive
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Europe around Europe, Paris (France), 2013
- The Dublin International Film Festival, Dublin (Ireland), 2011
- Moscow International Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes, Moscow (Russia), 2011
- Independant European Film Festival VOICES, Vologda (Russia), 2010