Russia, 2009, 8mn 
Colour, Without Words, animation
Sobachya ploshchadka
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Собачья площадка


 Dog-walking Ground

 L'Espace pour chiens

Directed by : Leonid SHMELKOV (Леонид ШМЕЛЬКОВ)
Writing credits : Leonid SHMELKOV (Леонид ШМЕЛЬКОВ)
Cinematography : Leonid SHMELKOV (Леонид ШМЕЛЬКОВ)
Production design : Leonid SHMELKOV (Леонид ШМЕЛЬКОВ)
Music : Aleksandra SHADRINA (Александра ШАДРИНА)
Produced by : Liubov GAYDOUKOVA (Любовь ГАЙДУКОВА)
Companies : School-studio 'SHAR'

Plot synopsis
About the frequenters of the ground for dogs. Like their masters they are so different...

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Days of Russian cinema in Limoges, Limoges (France), 2012
- International Film Festival "Ciné Junior", Val de Marne (France), 2011
- Anim'est Bucarest International Animation Film Festival, Bucharest (Romania), 2011
- International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2011
- Yerevan International Film Festival Reanimania, Yerevan (Armenia), 2010
- Annecy International Animation Festival, Annecy (France), 2010
- International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, Leipzig (Germany), 2010
- Krakow Film Festival, Krakow (Poland), 2010
- Nasha Animatsiya, Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, Suzdal (Russia), 2010
- BCF. The Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Short Film Festival "ARTkino", Moscow (Russia), 2010
- International Film Festival of the Commonwealth Countries "Moscow Premiere", Moscow (Russia), 2010
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2010
- BCF. The Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2009