2009, 336mn 
Pelagiya i belyy buldog
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Пелагия и белый бульдог


 Pelagiia and the White Bulldog

 Pelagia et le bulldog blanc

Directed by : Yuri MOROZ (Юрий МОРОЗ)
Writing credits : Zoya KUDRIA (Зоя КУДРЯ)

Note :
8 parts (42 min. each part)

Plot synopsis
"Pelagiia, in both content and form, is designed to evoke a simpler time with fewer real-life consequences to actions. Unlike the hardboiled detective fiction of the 1990s, this detective series is frozen in a mythic past, with conscious nods to earlier detective and literary genres, channeling Father Brown, Miss Marples, Hercule Poirot, and Sherlock Holmes, and invoking Chekhov, Lermontov, Derzhavin, and Dostoevskii . The eight installments of this series (a total of 336 minutes of play-time) allow for an extremely slow unfolding of the plot, mirroring the unhurried pace of life in the idealized bucolic setting of provincial Russia created by the director.<...>"
Frederick C. Corney, kinokultura.com

Iurii Moroz : Pelagiia and the White Bulldog (Pelagiia i belyi bul'dog, 2009), Frederick CORNEY, 2010, 2010