Russia, 2011, 17mn 
Colour, fiction
Kuda techot more?
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Куда течет море?


 Where Does The Sea Flow ?

 Où va la mer ?

Directed by : Vitali SALTYKOV (Виталий САЛТЫКОВ)
Writing credits : Vitali SALTYKOV (Виталий САЛТЫКОВ)
Oxana AKINSHINA (Оксана АКИНЬШИНА) ...the mother
Cinematography : Viktor ZUBAREV (Виктор ЗУБАРЕВ)
Music : Aleksandr MANOTSKOV (Александр МАНОЦКОВ)
Produced by : Rita BELINSKAYA (Рита БЕЛИНСКАЯ)
Other persons :
Cast :Katya SEMIRENKO ...Daughter
Music :Keiko MATSUI
Companies : Studio " Equilibrium"
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
This film tells the story of a mother and her daughter, who is currently five years old. The girl was conceived in rape, and her mother is emotionally troubled and has a hard time relating to the girl. The mother's feelings of love for her daughter are mixed with the feelings of fear and hatred as the girl reminds the mother of the violence that had been done to her. The girl, meantime, is an independent human being - the mother's story is told largely from the girl's point of view. The girl is anxious to find answers to her questions about the world and her place within it. Her persistent questions of her mother make it particularly difficult for the mother to maintain her mental balance; the mother imagines that her five-year old daughter can see into her mind and understand her inner torment.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Film Festival Tarkovski, Ivanovo (Russia), 2012
- Manhattan Short Film Festival, Manhattan (USA), 2012