USSR, 1934, 66mn 
Black and white, silent, fiction
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 Happiness / Money-Grubbers

 Le Bonheur

Russian subtitle : Стяжатели
Directed by : Aleksandr MEDVEDKIN (Александр МЕДВЕДКИН)
Writing credits : Aleksandr MEDVEDKIN (Александр МЕДВЕДКИН)
Alena EGOROVA (Алена ЕГОРОВА) ...Anna, la femme de Kmyr
Vladislav USPENSKI (Владислав УСПЕНСКИЙ)
Pyotr ZINOVYEV (Пётр ЗИНОВЬЕВ) ...Kmyr
Cinematography : Gleb TROYANSKY (Глеб ТРОЯНСКИЙ)
Production design : Aleksey UTKIN (Алексей УТКИН)
Companies : Moskinokombinat
Release Date in Russia : 15/03/1935

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Arte Video
Editor : Bach Films
Editor : Editions Montparnasse. 2009.
VO sous-titres : FR
Editor : Ruscico (Hyperkino). 2010.
DVD Hyperkino
Disc 1 film with optional subtitles : EN FR AL ES PO
DVD available on the English site

Plot synopsis
A philosophical fairy tale made in the style of Russian lubok, about the hapless money-grubber Khmyr, his horse-wife Anna, about the fat neighbour Foka, and about the priest, about the nun and other scarecrows. "Devoted to last collective-farm idler". The film "Happiness" brought Alexander Medvedkin wide popularity, and it was highly praised by Eisenstein, Pudovkin and Dovzhenko. In the 1970s it was shown on TV in Europe and America.
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