Konstantin BUSLOV
Константин БУСЛОВ
Konstantin BOUSLOV
Russia, 2014, 95mn 
Colour, fiction
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 Les Aventuriers

Directed by : Konstantin BUSLOV (Константин БУСЛОВ)

Plot synopsis
Katia and the successful young banker Andrei arrive on Malta for a holiday. In the diving-centre they meet Max, a professional diver, who is secretly engaged in illegal archaeology, and is also Katia’s ex. During one of the dives Katia finds a piece of a life jacket from a German WWII submarine. She finds out that in 1942, a collection of unique ancient Egyptian relics was seized from the Maltese order of hospital knights; this collection should have been delivered to Germany on a submarine. However, the valuable cargo never arrived.
Figuring out that the submarine with the treasures is most likely at the bottom of the sea on the Maltese coast, the three begin the search, getting caught up in a series of dangerous adventures, including under water. The relationship between the adventurers is more and more reminiscent of a love triangle..

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2014