2013, 90mn 
Opticheskaya os
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Оптическая ось


 Optical axis

 L'Axe optique

Directed by : Marina RAZBEZHKINA (Марина РАЗБЕЖКИНА)
Writing credits : Marina RAZBEZHKINA (Марина РАЗБЕЖКИНА)
Cinematography : Denis KLEBLEYEV (Денис КЛЕБЛЕЕВ), Irina URALSKAYA (Ирина УРАЛЬСКАЯ)
Music : Anton SILAYEV (Антон СИЛАЕВ)
Produced by : Marina RAZBEZHKINA (Марина РАЗБЕЖКИНА)

Plot synopsis
Russian photographer Maksim Dmitriev liked reality, and in the beginning of the 20 century he photographed bums, workers,farmers, bankers and monks. Hundred years later we showed these photographs to nowadays heroes. And they recognized each other.
Maksim Dmitriev was a first Russian realist who documented the life around him; he started a path for documentary filmmakers to follow. I understood that I wish to tell about him but I am not interested in making a biography film, even if his biography deserves to become a film, whether a documentary or a live-action one. Maksim Dmitriev was born in 1858 and died in 1948 – and he never left Russia. Can you imagine how much did Russia change during this period? He always was a photographer, even after the Revolution, and left about 10,000 plates, dating mostly from the end of 19th – beginning of 20th century. I had an idea to tell about this era through his personality, especially because many pictures were made in 1913, exactly a hundred years ago. When I thought about the shape that the film was going to take, I understood that I should show these photos to our contemporaries. We made three-meter posters, choosing people from different social strata, still existing nowadays. In this way, seven stories were created, and we filmed them.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Annual Independent Russian-American Documentary Film Festival in New York​ (Tribeca), New York (USA), 2016
- International Women's Film Festival, Créteil (France), 2015
- Festival des Films de Russie et d'Ailleurs, Geneva - Lausanne (Switzerland), 2014