Russia / Germany / France / Belgium, 2017, 127mn 
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 Faute d'amour

Directed by : Andrey ZVIAGINTSEV (Андрей ЗВЯГИНЦЕВ)
Writing credits : Oleg NEGIN (Олег НЕГИН)
Maryana SPIVAK (Марьяна СПИВАК) ...Zhenya
Matvei NOVIKOV (Матвей НОВИКОВ) ...Alyosha
Aleksey ROZIN (Алексей РОЗИН) ...Boris
Andris KEISS (Андрис КЕЙШС) ...Anton
Marina VASILIEVA (Марина ВАСИЛЬЕВА) ...Masha
Aleksey FATEEV (Алексей ФАТЕЕВ)
Cinematography : Mikhail KRICHMAN (Михаил КРИЧМАН)
Production design : Andrey PONKRATOV (Андрей ПОНКРАТОВ)
Music : Yevgeni GALPERIN (Евгений ГАЛЬПЕРИН)
Sound : Andrey DERGACHYOV (Андрей ДЕРГАЧЕВ)
Editing : Anna MASS (Анна МАСС)
Produced by : Gleb FETISOV (Глеб ФЕТИСОВ), Sergey MELKUMOV (Сергей МЕЛЬКУМОВ), Aleksandr RODNYANSKY (Александр РОДНЯНСКИЙ)
Companies : Нон-Стоп Продакшн / Non-Stop Production, Why Not Productions, Senator Film, Les Films du Fleuve
Film revenue in Russia : 1.660 million dollars
Spectators : 348 924
Release Date in Russia : 31/05/2017
Sites : Allociné, IMDb
Release date in France : 2017-09-20, Site

Awards :
Best directing Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2018
First prize Russian Film Week in London, London (United Kingdom), 2017
Best directing Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2017
Best Cinematography Annual award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics, Moscow (Russia), 2017
Jury Prize Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France), 2017

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Pyramide Vidéo. 2018. Titre : Faute d'amour.
Contenu additionnel : entretien avec Andreï Zviaguintsev et analyse du film par Xavier Leherpeur, journaliste et critique de cinéma

Plot synopsis
Among the snowy high-rises of modern Moscow lives stocky salesman Boris and Zhenya, a youthful salon owner. Having migrated to shiny new partners, the couple's relationship is coming to a bitter end and the fate of their 12-year-old son Alyosha is the last thing on their minds. When Alyosha goes missing without a trace, his parents can barely grieve in unison. Loveless is a story about a heartless marriage on the verge of collapse faced with tragedy. It also illuminates multilayered dichotomies embedded in Russian society. Battles between old and new beliefs, public and private institutions, post-Soviet infrastructures and nouveau riche establishments linger throughout. Andrey Zvyagintsev (Leviathan, Elena) is the master of crafting a drama with the cinematic tropes of a thriller. Moreover, he is an expert at exposing his world for what it has become. We watch as the director's countrymen ruthlessly step all over each other in order to claw to the top. As Vladimir Putin flexes his muscles and expands westward, Loveless — which was made without the strings of state funding and won the Jury Prize at Cannes — may at first appear to be about a specifically Russian phenomenon, but it's not. Lovelessness is universal. DIMITRI EIPIDES.

«Все закончится финальными титрами». Андрей Звягинцев [Interview d'Andreï Zviaguintsev au sujet de ses films Léviathan (Левиафан), 2014 et Faute d'amour (Нелюбовь), 2017], Anton DOLIN, Andrey ZVIAGINTSEV, Radio Doline, 2023
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