Russia, 2016, 52mn 
Tigry i lyudi
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Тигры и люди


 Tigers and humans

 Des tigres et des hommes

Directed by : Sergey YASTRZHEMBSKY (Сергей ЯСТРЖЕМБСКИЙ )
Writing credits : Sergey YASTRZHEMBSKY (Сергей ЯСТРЖЕМБСКИЙ )
Cinematography : Yuri EFREMOV (Юрий ЕФРЕМОВ), Elizbar KARAVAYEV (Элизбар КАРАВАЕВ), Anton POPILIN (Антон ПОПИЛИН), Nikolay tARKHANOV (Николай ТАРХАНОВ), Sergey_4 VASILYEV (Сергей_4 ВАСИЛЬЕВ)
Music : Marina MAKAROVA (Марина МАКАРОВА)
Produced by : Olga VERSHININA (Ольга ВЕРШИНИНА )
Companies : СТУДИЯ ЯСТРЕБФИЛЬМ / Studio Yastrebfilm

Plot synopsis
The population of tigers worldwide has decreased dramatically over the last century. In 1900 over 100,000 tigers existed but the tiger trade has decreased these numbers significantly. Cur-rently there are less than 3,500 tigers alive. Fewer than 20 South Chinese tigers are alive today and Caspian, Javanese, and Balinese tigers are now extinct. Tigers and Humans takes a brutal, honest look into the industry and supply/demand that leads to the murder of thousands of tigers each year. The film also shows the beauty and power of the felines and sends a plea to save the tigers.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2017
- International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS, Rostov-on-Don (Russia), 2017
- Russian Film Week in London, London (United Kingdom), 2017