Andrei_2 ANDREEV
Андрей_2 АНДРЕЕВ
Andreï_2 ANDREEV
Russia, 2016, 54mn 
Patriarchyi khor
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Патриарший хор


 The Patriarch chor

 Le Choeur des Patriarches

Directed by : Andrei_2 ANDREEV (Андрей_2 АНДРЕЕВ)
Writing credits : Andrei_2 ANDREEV (Андрей_2 АНДРЕЕВ)
Cinematography : Marya_2 ANDREYEVA (Мария_2 АНДРЕЕВА), Aleksandr BOGDANOV (Александр БОГДАНОВ)
Produced by : Andrei_2 ANDREEV (Андрей_2 АНДРЕЕВ)

Plot synopsis
The Patriarch Choir of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow is rightly considered one of the best choirs of the Orthodox world. Over 130 years in existence, it continues the glorious traditions of church singing. The film emphasizes the role of the great composer Alexander Alexandrov, a choirmaster of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour until 1922, and author of the music for the State Anthem of the Soviet Union and Russia, as well as of the legendary World War II song “The Sacred War”.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2017