Christian FREI
Кристиан ФРАЙ
Christian FREI
Russia / Switzerland, 2018, 112mn 
Genesis 2.0
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Генезис 2.0


 Genesis 2.0

 Genesis 2.0

Directed by : Maksim ARBUGAEV (Максим АРБУГАЕВ), Christian FREI (Кристиан ФРАЙ)
Writing credits : Christian FREI (Кристиан ФРАЙ)
Cinematography : Maksim ARBUGAEV (Максим АРБУГАЕВ), Vladimir_2 EGOROV (Владимир_2 ЕГОРОВ)
Editing : Christian FREI (Кристиан ФРАЙ)
Produced by : Christian FREI (Кристиан ФРАЙ)
Other persons :
оператор : Петер Индерганд / Opérateur : Peter Indergand
Companies : 1. Christian Frei Filmproductions

Plot synopsis
On the remote New Siberian Islands in the Arctic Ocean, hunters are searching for the tusks of extinct mammoths. There is a gold rush fever in the air. The price for white gold has never been so high. The thawing permafrost not only releases precious ivory. The tusk hunters find a surprisingly well-preserved mammoth carcass. Such finds are magnets for high-tech genetic scientists. They want to bring the extinct woolly mammoth back to life à la "Jurassic Park". Resurrecting the mammoth is a first manifestation of the next great technological revolution. Man becomes Creator. Genesis two point zero. A Film about the secrets and mysteries hidden within nature and the fundamental difference in view of creation and the role of man in it.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Independant European Film Festival VOICES, Vologda (Russia), 2018
- Russian Film Week in London, London (United Kingdom), 2018