Григорий ГЛЯНЦ
Russia / Finland, 2017, 50mn 
Blind Cinema
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Слепое кино


 Le Cinéma aveugle

 Slepoe kio

Directed by : Grigori GLIANTS (Григорий ГЛЯНЦ)
Writing credits : Grigori GLIANTS (Григорий ГЛЯНЦ)
Cinematography : Grigori GLIANTS (Григорий ГЛЯНЦ)
Editing : Grigori GLIANTS (Григорий ГЛЯНЦ)
Produced by : Grigori GLIANTS (Григорий ГЛЯНЦ)

Plot synopsis
The boat sails away from Saint Petersburg and heads to Finland. The crew is composed from sighted and blind persons. They discover new realms together. “Blind people always have to move forward, even if it is about going nowhere and entering the void”, says Oleg. “The turning points will reveal themselves anyway”. Other participants seem to agree.

Commentaries and bibliography
An unusual group sets sail from St. Petersburg to Finland. The crew, which consists of vision-impaired people and people with normal eyesight, learns to work together in order to successfully complete their undertaking. The observational documentary shows the crew’s first contact with the boat, which is done by touch, and then follows their daily routine while at sea. The disinterested camera records a reality that overcomes our prejudices regarding the helplessness of blind people. The problem-free journey gives the sailors space for new sensations. Excerpts from the ship’s log show us aspects of the mission – i.e., the transformation of oneself that can change the world.
„What do you see when you cannot see? How do you interact with a world with fewer visual elements to distract you? Blind Cinema explores the realm of sightless people who sail the sea and expand the boundaries of self.” G. Glyants

Selected in the following festivals :
- Bosifest. Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities, Belgrade (Serbia), 2018