Evgueni YOUFIT
Евгений ЮФИТ
Yevgeni YUFIT
Russie, 2002, 65mn 
Couleur, fiction
Tués par l'éclair
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Убитые Молнией


 Killed by Lightning

 Ubitye Molniey

Réalisation : Evgueni YOUFIT (Евгений ЮФИТ)
Production : Nikola Film
format : 35 mm

Pas de synopsis en français.

A woman anthropologist investigates the origins of human evolution. She had suffered a mental trauma during her childhood when her father, a submarine captain, died during the war. This trauma periodically destabilizes her condition. The ghosts of a prehistoric past and a violent death collide in the subconsciousness of the scientist to give birth to an unexpected theory of the origins of human beings.

Sélections dans les festivals :
- Festival international du film de Riga “Arsenals”, Riga (Lettonie), 2008
- Festival international du film de Rotterdam, Rotterdam (Pays-Bas), 2005