Georgia, 2011, 45mn 
Colour, documentary
A est li tam teatr
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А есть ли там театр


 But Is There a Theater Over There

 Y a-t-il un théâtre par là ?

Directed by : Nana JANELIDZE (Нана ДЖАНЕЛИДЗЕ)
Writing credits : Nana JANELIDZE (Нана ДЖАНЕЛИДЗЕ)
Cinematography : Georgi BERIDZE (Георгий БЕРИДЗЕ)
Other persons :
Cast : Production Designer : Zura MIKELADZE
Companies : Studio “Stuko”, studio N&N

Plot synopsis
This is a story about the lives of great ancestors of the Georgian actor Kakhi Kavsadze; a film-monolog, film-confession about the difficult course of life of the famous Kavsadze’s kin. All the ordeals that collapsed on the entire generations, who had to live through the settings of the totalitarian state, fell on the lot of the Kavsadze’s kin. Before the appearance of the film, such Kakhi Kavsadze was known only to the close ones.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Nyon International Documentary Film Festival "Visions du réel", Nyon (Switzerland), 2015
- The International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers, Bitola (Macedonia), 2012
- Festival Russian kino 'Moscow Premier Screenings', Moscow (Russia), 2011
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011