Russia / United Kingdom, 2013, 90mn 
Colour, documentary
Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer
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Показательный процесс: История Pussy Riot


 Pussy Riot : une prière punk

 Pokazatelnyy protsess: Istriya Pussy Riot

Directed by : Maksim POZDOROVKIN (Максим ПОЗДОРОВКИН)
Produced by : Maksim POZDOROVKIN (Максим ПОЗДОРОВКИН)
Other persons :
Director: Mike LERNER
Image : Antony BUTTS
Musique : Simon RUSSEL, Pussy RIOT International
Production : Roast Beef Productions
World sales : Goldcrest Films

Plot synopsis
This documentary tells an important story of protest, suppression, and three young women—Nadia, Masha, and Katia—members of the feminist punk-rock collective, Pussy Riot, who face years in prison for their 40-second political performance piece “Punk Prayer.” On February 21, 2012, five young women from the Russian feminist punk-rock art collective Pussy Riot, known for their guerrilla-style protest performances, rushed the altar of a venerated Russian Orthodox Cathedral in the heart of Moscow. Wearing colorful ski masks and balaclavas, they began a satirical "punk prayer" in protest of the inequities of Putin's Russia. They only performed 40 seconds before being pulled off stage, and three members - Nadia, Masha, and Katia - were incarcerated without bail, put on trial for "hooliganism," and sentenced to prison. Initially there was little support for these idealistic young activists, but thanks to their YouTube video international awareness began to grow, transforming them into human rights icons. Academy Award®-nominated producer Mike Lerner (Hell and Back Again) and Russian collaborator Maxim Pozdorovkin tell this story - one that veers from farce to tragedy - with courtroom footage highlighting the trial's bizarre twists and interviews with families and friends. The result is an inspirational story revealing how even a small act of protest can have repercussions around the world, told with the same punk spirit that the growing Pussy Riot movement represents.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Sydney Film Festival, Sydney (Australia), 2013
- Melbourne International Film Festival - MIFF, Melbourne (Australia), 2013
- Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil ), 2013
- Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver (Canada), 2013
- Durban International Film Festival, Durban (Southern Africa), 2013
- Seattle International Film Festival : SIFF, Seattle (USA), 2013