The Cinema of Tarkovsky : Labyrinths of Space and Time
Author : Nariman SHAKOV
Edition : I.B.Tauris, 2012
ISBN 184885630X, 9781848856301
288 pages
Langue : English
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Period : 1955 - 1986
In this book, Nariman Skakov explores the phenomenon of spatio-temporal lapse in Tarkovsky's cinema - from Ivan's Childhood (1962) to Sacrifice (1986). He argues that dreams, visions, mirages, memories, revelations, reveries, and delusions are phenomena which present alternative spatio-temporal patterns; they disrupt the linear progression of events and create narrative discontinuity. Each chapter is dedicated to the discussion of one of Tarkovsky's seven feature films and, in each, one of these phenomena functions as a refrain. Skakov discusses the influence of the flow of and lapses in space and time on the viewer's perception of the Tarkovskian cinematic universe. He opens and closes his original and fascinating book on Tarkovsky's cinema by focusing on the phenomenon of time that was discussed extensively by the filmmaker in his main theoretical treatise Sculpting in Time, as well as in a number of interviews and public lectures.
Subjects : cinema theory, directors,
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