Artistic director
Born 1964, USSR (Russia)
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Инна Феликсовна ЕВЛАННИКОВА
Filmography (extracts)
2020 - Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure (Белка и Стрелка: Карибская тайна) [animation, 80 mn]
2018 - Harvie And the Magic Museum (Гурвинек. Волшебная игра) [animation, 80 mn]
2018 - Moving (Переезд) [animation, 6 mn]
2013 - Belka i strelka : lunnye prikliuchenia (Белка и Стрелка: Лунные приключения) [animation, 90 mn]
2009 - Belka and Strelka. Star Dogs (Белка и Стрелка. Звёздные собаки) [animation, 85 mn]
Artistic director
2011 - Belka and Strelka : mischievous Family. Alone at Home (Белка и стрелка: озорная семейка. Одни дома) by Dina MALTSEVA [animation, 5.3 mn]

Other films
2006 - Микрополис (Micropolis)
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Awards :
Belka and Strelka. Star Dogs :
Best Animation film, Golden Eagle awards, Moscow (Russia), 2011

Born in Moscow, Graduated from the Moscow architectural Institute (1987), courses for animation artists with "Argus" film studio (1993). Worked at the studios "Argus", "Klassika", "Varga Studios Budapest" (Hungary). At present is a director and art director at "CNF-Anima" studio. Participated in the production of music video clips and animated title sequences.

Commentaries and bibliography
- Le cosmos comme terrain de jeu : l’espace dans l’animation soviétique et russe , Birgit BEUMERS, Nina SPUTNITSKAYA, 2019,
- Inna Evlannikova and Sviatoslav Ushakov : Belka and Strelka. Star Dogs (Belka i Strelka. Zvezdnye sobaki, 2010) , Vlad STRUKOV, 2010,