Born 1922, Kazakhstan
Died 1978
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Мажит Сафаргалиевич БЕГАЛИН
Filmography (extracts)
1974 - Uralsk blazing (Степные раскаты) [fiction]
1969 - Song of Manshuk (Песнь о Маншук) [fiction, 78 mn]
1967 - Moscow Is Behind Us (3а нами Москва) [fiction, 89 mn]
1964 - Footsteps Lead Beyond the Horizon (Следы уходят за горизонт) [fiction]
1959 - Return to Earth (Возвращение на землю) [fiction]
1957 - His Time Will Come (Его время придет) [fiction, 99 mn]
1955 - It Happened in Shugla (Это было в Шугле) [fiction]
1974 - Uralsk blazing (Степные раскаты) by Mazhit BEGALIN [fiction]
1967 - Moscow Is Behind Us (3а нами Москва) by Mazhit BEGALIN [fiction, 89 mn]
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Awards :
A.P.Dovzhenko Silver Medal "for works on the heroic and patriotic themes", 1972
Honoured Art Worker of Kazakhstan, 1977

Born on February 22,1922 in Kazakhstan.
After finishing the secondary school (1941) went to the front of the Great Patriotic War. In 1942 was seriously wounded.
Graduated from the department of directing at VGIK (1948, workshop of S.Gerasimov, T.Makarova).
Worked as second director at the Alma-Ata film studio, as a dubbing director, then as a director. His first independent project was the movie "It Happened in Shugla" (1954). The director's last movie "Uralsk blazing" (1974) was "shelved" and shown on Kazakh TV only in 2002 during the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the filmmaker.

Commentaries and bibliography
- Le chant de Manchouk (1970) [Majit Begaline] Julien MORVAN, 2021, Perestroikino