Production Designer,
Born in 1990, USSR (Russia)
Ksenia ZUEVA
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Ксения ЗУЕВА
Filmography (extracts)
2020 - Intervention (Вмешательство) [fiction, full length film]
2020 - The Child (Ребёнок) [fiction, 23 mn]
2017 - Nearest and dearest (Близкие) [fiction, 90 mn]
2015 - Gelya (Геля) [fiction, 31 mn]
2020 - Intervention (Вмешательство) by Ksenia ZUEVA [fiction, full length film]
2017 - Nearest and dearest (Близкие) by Ksenia ZUEVA [fiction, 90 mn]
2015 - Gelya (Геля) by Ksenia ZUEVA [fiction, 31 mn]
2020 - Conference (Конференция) by Ivan TVERDOVSKIY jr. [fiction, 129 mn]
2019 - Russian Spleen (Хандра) by Aleksey KAMYNIN [fiction, 105 mn]
2016 - Stroboscope (Стробоскоп) by Yevgeniya DUPLIAKINA [fiction, 13 mn]
2014 - Fourteen Steps (Четырнадцать шагов) by Maksim SHAVKIN [37 mn]
Production Designer
2017 - Nearest and dearest (Близкие) by Ksenia ZUEVA [fiction, 90 mn]
2020 - The Child (Ребёнок) by Ksenia ZUEVA [fiction, 23 mn]
2015 - Gelya (Геля) by Ksenia ZUEVA [fiction, 31 mn]
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Awards :
Nearest and dearest :
Prix du Conseil Régional de Normandie, meilleur premier film, Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2019

Director, actress, screenwriter. Studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School (class of R. Kozak and D. Brusnikin). Graduated from the Shchukin Theatre Institute (2012, acting class of V. Nikolaenko), from Higher Courses of Directors and Scriptwriters (2015, class of V. Khotinenko, P. Finn, V. Fenchenko). She has written scripts for cinema and TV, director of music and advertising clips. Made several shorts; the film “Gelya” (2015) won prizes at Russian and international festivals. In 2017 she made her first feature, “Nearest and Dearest” based on her own script. The film competed at ORKF Kinotavr in 2017 and participated in the IFF Pacific Meridian (NETPAC award) and the Festival of Russian Cinema in Honfleur (prize for best debut). “Intervention” is Ksenia Zueva’s second feature.

Commentaries and bibliography
- Ksenia Zueva: Intervention (Vmeshatel’stvo, 2020) Lora MJOLSNESS, 2021, Kinokultura
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