Production Designer
Born in 1986 
Yevgeniya ZHIRKOVA
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Evguenia JIRKOVA
Filmography (extracts)
2019 - Ariol prend l’avion (et autres têtes en l’air) (Ariol prend l’avion (et autres têtes en l’air)) [animation, 47 mn]
2018 - Bless you ! (Будь здорова!) [documentary, 3 mn]
2017 - Good heart (Доброе сердце) [animation, 6 mn]
2016 - Dragon Sledge (Девочка, дракон и папа) [animation, 3 mn]
2014 - The Flying Boy (Летающий мальчик) [animation, 6.24 mn]
Production Designer
2018 - Bless you ! (Будь здорова!) by Yevgeniya ZHIRKOVA [documentary, 3 mn]

ussian animator and director. Born in 1986. She is a graduate of the International Lyceum of Animation in Moscow. She applied her animation craftsmanship at a number of Moscow animation studios, e.g. Pilot, Animos, Shar. She has collaborated on the animated series “The Many Faces of Russia” (Multi-Rossiya, 2007–2009) and on many animated movies.