Born 1946, USSR (Russia)
Sergey POPOV
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Сергей ПОПОВ
Sergueï POPOV
Filmography (extracts)
1991 - Smile (Улыбка) [fiction, 95 mn]
2010 - Moscow, I love you (Москва, я люблю тебя!) by Different Directors [fiction, 110 mn]
1991 - Smile (Улыбка) by Sergey POPOV [fiction, 95 mn]
1989 - The Asthenic Syndrome (Астенический синдром) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 156 mn]
2002 - Chekhovian Motifs (Чеховские мотивы) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 120 mn]
1994 - Petty Passions (Увлеченья) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 112 mn]
1992 - The Sentimental Policeman (Чувствительный милиционер) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 119 mn]
1991 - The Miss (Кикс) by Sergey LIVNEV [fiction, 95 mn]
1989 - The Asthenic Syndrome (Астенический синдром) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 156 mn]
1988 - Three (Трое) by Aleksandr BARANOV , Bakhyt KILIBAEV [fiction, 68 mn]
1983 - Among Grey Stones (Среди Серых Камней) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 88 mn]
1978 - Getting to Know the Big Wide World (Познавая Белый Свет) by Kira MURATOVA [fiction, 79 mn]
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Awards :
Smile :
First prize, Films for the elite, Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 1992

The real name is Leonid. Scriptwriter, director, actor. Born in 1946 in the Kharkov region. Graduated from the department of directing of the Moscow Institute of Culture (1984, class of B.Naschekin). Scriptwriter and director of the short «Easy Work», co-scriptwriter of «The Asthenic Sindrome» by Kira Muratova. Acted in movies «Know the World», «The Last Hunt», «Amids Grey Stones», «Three», «Tick», «The Asthenic Syndrome», «Hobbies» and others (15 roles).

Commentaries and bibliography
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