Born in 1903, Ukraine
Died 1991
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Вера Павловна СТРОЕВА
Filmography (extracts)
1965 - My, russkiy narod (Мы, русский народ) [fiction, 157 mn]
1954 - The merry stars (Веселые звезды) [fiction, 102 mn]
1954 - Boris Godunov (Борис Годунов) [film opera, 111 mn]
1951 - The Grand Concert (Большой концерт) [fiction, 108 mn]
1939 - In Search of Joy (В поисках радости) [fiction, 100 mn]
1936 - Generation of winners (Поколение победителей) [fiction, 105 mn]
1934 - Petersburg Nights (Петербургская ночь) [fiction, 104 mn]
1965 - My, russkiy narod (Мы, русский народ) by Vera STROEVA [fiction, 157 mn]
1954 - Boris Godunov (Борис Годунов) by Vera STROEVA [film opera, 111 mn]
1936 - Generation of winners (Поколение победителей) by Vera STROEVA [fiction, 105 mn]
1930 - Chelovek iz mestechka (Человек из местечка) by Grigori ROSHAL [fiction]
1927 - Yego prevoskhoditelstvo (Его превосходительство) by Grigori ROSHAL [fiction]
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Vera Pavlovna Stroeva – a Soviet film director and playwright, she received the title of People’s Artist of RSFSR in 1973. Born on September 21, 1903 in Kiev, she studied at the acting department of the Lysenko Kiev Institute of Theatre Arts (now KNTCI&TU I.K. Karpenko-Kary), then worked at the studio of the Pedagogical Theatre for Youth in Moscow from 1922 to 1925. She began her work in cinema with screenplays co-written with G. Roshal, for films "The Skotinins" (1927), based on the play by Fonvizin "The Minor", "His Excellency" (1928), "A Jew at War" (1930).
In 1930 V. Stroeva started her work as a director. Her most significant films deal with revolutionary thematics: " The Generation of Victors " (1936) (Pokoleniye pobediteley), "We are the Russian people" (1966), " The Heart of Russia " (Serdtse Rossii) (1971).
The collaboration with G. Roshal continued as a co-director, on the film "Petersburg Night" (1934) - an adaptation based on F. Dostoyevsky’s novels "Nettochka Nezvanov" and "White Nights". In this work the music is an integral part of the dramaturgy of the film. An important place in the director's work takes the adaptation on the screen of musical works: the films-operas "Boris Godunov" (1955) and "Khovanshchina" (1959) by M. Musorgsky, the films-concerts "The Grand Concert" (1951) and " Variety Stars" (1954), which included excerpts from the best contemporary operas, ballet performances and variety shows. The latter intended as a satirical musical comedy, heralds a lighter entertainment genre in soviet cinema. In addition to her own works, V. Stroeva is the author of a number of plays and screenplays; she is awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honour.

Commentaries and bibliography
- Le passé, cet étranger ? L’adaptation des classiques du xixe siècle par le cinéma soviétique Catherine GERY, 2016, Presses de l'Inalco

Photos and videos

"La Nuit de Saint-Petersbourg", 1934

"La Génération des vainqueurs", 1936