Born in 1930, USSR (Kazakhstan)
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Людмила Игоревна СТАНУКИНАС
From filmography
1987 - Somnenie. Vospominaniya ob otse. Fyodor Shalyapin (Сомнение. Воспоминания об отце. Федор Шаляпин) [documentary, 30 mn]
1984 - Vadik Repin (Вадик Репин) [documentary, 20 mn]
1974 - Dirizhiruet Yuri Temirkanov (Дирижирует Юрий Темирканов) [documentary, 20 mn]
1973 - Tramvay idyot po gorodu (Трамвай идет по городу) [documentary, 23 mn]
1966 - PavelSerebryakov (Павел Серебряков) [documentary, 20 mn]

Born November, 25, 1930 in Alma-Ata. In 1953, “Lyalya” graduated from Leningrad Institute of Foreign Languages.
However,inherited through her actress mother, her passion for the Art got upper hand. In September 1958, a new assistant stage manager appeared at the Leningrad studio of documentary - Liudmila Stanukinas (or, merely, Lyalya) – exactly half-year prior to Pavel. They married in 1979, each bringing in own “heritage”, Pavel with his Leipzig’s Golden Dove, she with her Silver Dragon of the Krakow Festival. She, as well as Pavel, went a long way from assistant to director, honoured champion of arts of RSFSR, prize taker of many international festivals. She is the director of more than 30 films, ranging from everyday satirical “House-moving day” to thoroughly heartfelt films on such doers of a cult as Yury Temirkanov, Alisa Freindlich, Andrey Petrov, Fiodor Shaliapin (reminisced by his son).
Pavel was her committed assistant, her secure rear line in all what she did.
Wanda Glazova describes Liudmila so, “Liudmila Stanukinas’ films-portraits cannot be unheeded or oversee. There is room in them, they are full of sympathy and a kind of peculiar rapport of the author to the hero. They sport that chic of breathing, longed for by many, yet found but by few.” Here is what Herz Frank said about Lylya, “Art as God’s gift, and creative genius, these are the things which constitute the subject-matter of Liudmila Kogan’s works, from her sources to the heights of Art. At the same time, this is exactly the pathway she has done. Thanks to her innate artistry and infinite charm she managed to decide both plain people, as the heroes of “House-moving day” and “Streetcar goes through the town”, and such coryphaei as Dmitri Shostakovich, Valery Gergiev, Vadim Repin, Roman Karmen, Bulat Okudjava, Alla Pugachova, Arkadi Raikin –“
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