Patrick CAZALS
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Patrick CAZALS
Filmography (extracts)
2009 - Hurricane Kalatozov (Ураган "КАЛАТОЗОВ") [documentary, 74 mn]
2007 - Rouben Mamoulian (Рубен Мамулян) [documentary, 62 mn]
2003 - Sergueï Paradjanov, le rebelle (Сергей Параджанов: бунтарь) [documentary, 52 mn]
2009 - Hurricane Kalatozov (Ураган "КАЛАТОЗОВ") by Patrick CAZALS [documentary, 74 mn]
2007 - Rouben Mamoulian (Рубен Мамулян) by Patrick CAZALS [documentary, 62 mn]
2003 - Sergueï Paradjanov, le rebelle (Сергей Параджанов: бунтарь) by Patrick CAZALS [documentary, 52 mn]

Other films
Doisneau des villes, Doisneau des champs (1993)
Bohumil Hrabal, le tendre barbare (1994) et Bohumil Hrabal (1995 : série Un siècle d’écrivains)
Marcelle Delpastre, à fleur de vie (1996)
Robert Giraud, le maître d’argot (1999)
Jean Cortot, l’écriture peinte (2000)
Un Mali d’écrivains (2001)
Amrita Sher-Gil, une rhapsodie indienne (2002)
Les Tribulations de Mr Sartre et Mme de Beauvoir vers le Caucase (2003)
René Depestre, chronique d’un animal marin (2005)
Rouben Mamoulian, l’âge d’or de Broadway et Hollywood (2006)
Les Chantiers du Père Castor (2007)
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As a filmmaker and producer he has been the author of nearly fifty documentaries since 1976. As a director and journalist, he contributed to Liberation, a daily, to Cahiers du Cinema and to Radio France-France Culture. In 1987 he created the producing house Les Films du Horla and ever since he has devoted himself to the direction of creative documentaries, experimental films, and portraits of artists and writers. Among his latest films: «Doisneau in Town, Doisneau in Field» (1993), «Bohumil Hrabal, the Tender Barbarian» (1994), «Marcelle Delpastre, Life on Edge» (1996), «Robert Giraud, the Slang Master» (1999), «Jean Cortot, Painted Writing» (2000), «Writers from Mali» (2001), «Amrita Sher-Gil, a Indian Rhapsody» (2002), «Rene Depestre, the Diary of a Phenomenal Seaman» (2005), «Rouben Mamoulian, Broadway and Hollywood Golden Age» (2006), «Pere Castor’s Work» (2007) and others.