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Tatyana ISHINA
Татьяна ИШИНА
Tatiana ICHINA
Russia, 2011, 15 mn 
Colour, fiction


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 Le Flotteur


Directed by : Tatyana ISHINA (Татьяна ИШИНА)
Writing credits : Tatyana ISHINA (Татьяна ИШИНА)
Other persons :
Director of Photography : Alexander ZATONA
Starring : Georgy SHTIL, Irina PATRAKOVA
Producer : Tatyana ARTAMONOVA
Production : "LID" film company

Plot synopsis
On the festive day 9 May the daughter tired of rewriting notes after sleepless night takes care of her sick father. She rewrote notes for the whole night, she is tired. She has no private life for a long time; she is not in good spirit too. Her father tries to please her but his attempts failed. They quarrel in order to restore relations as they need only each other.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2011

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