Адильхан ЕРЖАНОВ
Adilkhan ERJANOV
France / Kazakhstan, 2019, 130mn 
A dark, dark man
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Черный, черный человек


 Un homme noir, noir

 Chernyy, chernyy chelovek

Directed by : Adilkhan YERZHANOV (Адильхан ЕРЖАНОВ)
Production : Arizona Productions, Astana Film Fund, Short Brothers
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
A boy was killed in the village. Investigator Bekzat wants to close the case as soon as possible, because the local police have already found the culprit. The case falls apart when a journalist from the city intervenes. Now the investigator will have to conduct a real investigation in accordance with all the rules, for the first time in his practice.

Commentaries and bibliography
Adilkhan Yerzhanov – A dark, dark man, Michaël DELAVAUD, Culturopoing, 2022

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- FEMA / La Rochelle International Film Festival, La Rochelle (France), 2023
- L'Etrange Festival, Paris (France), 2022