Russia, 2008, 80mn 
Colour, fiction
Everybody dies but me
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Все умрут, а я останусь


 Ils mourront tous, sauf moi

 Vse umrut, a ya ostanus

Directed by : Valeria GAI GERMANIKA (Валерия ГАЙ ГЕРМАНИКА)
Writing credits : Yuri KLAVDYEV (Юрий КЛАВДИЕВ), Aleksandr RODIONOV (Александр РОДИОНОВ)
Aleksey BAGDASAROV (Алексей БАГДАСАРОВ) ...Le père de Katia
Polina FILONENKO (Полина ФИЛОНЕНКО) ...Katia
Donatas GRUDOVICH (Донатас ГРУДОВИЧ) ...Aleks
Olga LAPCHINA (Ольга ЛАПШИНА) ...Le mère de Katia
Cinematography : Alisher KHAMIDKHODZHAEV (Алишер ХАМИДХОДЖАЕВ)
Production design : Denis SHIBANOV (Денис ШИБАНОВ)
Produced by : Igor TOLSTUNOV (Игорь ТОЛСТУНОВ)
Production : Profit
Film revenue in Russia : 0.235 million dollars
Release date in France : 2009-04-22, Site

Awards :
Special Jury prize, Caméra d'or, Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France), 2008
Best first film International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2008
Discovery of the year "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 2008
Prix cinevision, Festival de Munich, 2008

Plot synopsis
The life is never easy but it is much more difficult for the juvenile of 14 years old. But some of the teenagers have to deal not only with their inner affections and complicated feelings, but also with the reality which is often cruel to them. Three girls are living in the outskirts of Moscow - Katja, Zhanna and Vika – they are very different, each one of them with her own inimitable character and individuality. They are related by their friendship in which they see their salvation from the outer world, the cruelness of their parents and counterparts. On Monday they found out about the school discotheque which will be held on Saturday. They start preparing for the event which they see as the most delightful thing in the world. But the unexpected event threaten all their gorgeous plans: Katja has insulted a school teacher, and is to be punished both in her place and in the school. Katya knows that her abusive father will punish her, so she decides not to return home. And Zhanna and Vika must make their choice: either to stand for their friend or to go and have their fun on the disco. Finally they chose the latter – after all this is what they’ve been dreaming about for the whole week. Unexpectedly Katja also shows up at the school. And this evening which they’ve all been dreaming of, ends up with a number of unpleasant surprises and the strokes of misfortune which inevitably lead to the point where childhood ends.

Commentaries and bibliography
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